Windows 9 ویندوز ناین یا بلو در حال ساخت احتمال عرضه نسخه نهایی تا نوامبر 2014
سایت مرجع
Windows Blue - New Windows - Windows 9
Windows 9 is reportedly under development as we speak, even though most people are now waiting for Blue, the first makeover for the rather disappointing Windows 8.

This week, it has emerged that several hardware manufacturers have lined up to embrace Windows 9 and develop devices running the next operating system, trying to make sure that, unlike Windows 8, it will be able to excite from the very beginning.

While the report only cited sources from the upstream supply chain, it pretty much made sense, given the fact that PC makers clearly need an operating system to revive the ever collapsing market.

Microsoft remains tight-lipped on this, but it seems like Acer, Asus and Lenovo are the first three large companies that would bet big on Windows 9, even though we would all expect to see them doing the same thing with Windows Blue as well.

What's more, it appears that NVIDIA and Acer are already planning their strategy after the Windows 9 release, with the two companies working on a joint project that would bring a new device capable of running the operating system to the market.

Of course, chances are that the two are thinking about a tablet, but let's wait for a few more months until more information on this is provided.

Leaving these rumors aside, the Windows community continues designing Windows 9 concepts to envision the user interface of the next Microsoft operating system.

Of course, 99 percent of them have very low chances to imagine the right appearance of the upcoming Windows 9, but at least they could inspire some Microsoft designers working on the project.

As we've told you before, Windows 9 might see daylight next year, as all the attention goes this year to the new Windows Blue upgrade. Sources familiar with the matter revealed that Microsoft may launch a beta version of Windows 9 in January 2014, while the stable build might go on sale in November 2014.
Windows Blue - New Windows - Windows 9

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